It’s been a busy summer at HABER•DOG•DASHER! We recently came back from Mackinac for a family wedding. Of course we jumped at the opportunity to take Winston on the trip too. For those who aren’t native to Michigan, Mackinac Island is a popular summer destination in between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. There are no cars on the island, only horse drawn carriages. The island is dog friendly, and has a warm history towards Fido. While doing my research I saw many B&W photos where dogs are enjoying the island life.


It’s also home to the Victorian styled Grand Hotel. Constructed in the late 19th century. It commands a level of service and craftsmanship, which is more akin to the 50’s. The Grand Hotel also holds the title of having the world’s largest porch, which has a view over Lake Huron that can’t be beat. It’s adorned with oil paintings, plaids, marble, oak wood and the sound of a piano can usually be heard coming from one of the halls.


A framed postcard in the hotel restroom caught my eye. Labeled “Prize Tennis”, it was one of the pieces which seem to reflect the friendly competitive spirit of the island and embodied the hunter green used throughout the hotel. A little further digging lead me to Ullman Mfg Co., which created the postcards. Often times the characters would reappear in other postcards of a similar subject nature. I’ll be on the look out for others in the series which feature pooch and child.


Final Note. Everyone knows dogs and chocolate don’t mix, unless we are talking chocolate labs (couldn’t resist). However don’t over look Rybas Mackinac fudge shop, they’re selling peanut butter dipped milk bones, which went over well with our resident taster.


It’s so cold here in Chicago, they encouraged all employees to stay home and work remotely. A frosted window in my apartment was prime for a time-lapse space heater scene. 

Fire Truck 

German election day 9.22.13

Couldn’t resist taking a time lapse video of Intermediate Lake from the dock. In a weird twist of coincidence, the neighbors were from Saginaw, MI. They knew most of my Aunts and Uncles. 

Shot from last month’s critical mass, just getting around to posting it.

Nice Don’t Fret find on my lunch break. (at Chicago, IL)

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